Saturday, May 26, 2012

How Does our Garden Grow?

A few garden updates...
It changes so fast this time of year that it can be hard to keep up.
Even these pictures are slightly out of date, but will do until I get a chance to take more.

So first, here's Loretta...
She's taken to the ground pretty well.
Donald put a few boards around her to help "capture" the slugs.
We are trying this on advice of a gardening friend.
If it doesn't work, we'll try the beer in a cup trick, but really, Donald's not interested in wasting beer that way.
Every now and then, he calls Jenelle out to the backyard to check for the slugs.
If they lift up a board and find one, she has to scoop it up with a small spade and dispose of it.
It doesn't go over very well with Jenelle.
She HATES slugs and I cannot blame her at all!
But, better her than me and its her cabbage anyway!  :)

We also designated a part of the garden border for an herb garden.
Right now there are two oregano plants, one thyme and 5 basil.

The picture shows three basil, but I added two more.
Last year, I made and froze pesto with our two basil plants.
So delicious!
The kids loved it on their pasta...I loved it on anything!
There wasn't enough to last very long and so I'm hoping to harvest a bit more this year.
Isn't she big?
When did she get big enough to help us take care of the garden?

I leave you with a picture of our pretty little azalea.
When I say little, I mean tiny.
But look what tiny can do!
It's finished blooming, but was so gorgeous while it lasted!
Like I said, the garden changes fast!
I already have new pictures on my camera to upload, so there will be more news soon.

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  1. The garden is gorgeous! I wish we had more space for one... Loretta is lovely - hope the slugs stay away! Yummm, pesto! Now I'm hungry ;)