Monday, June 4, 2012

Cowiche Canyon...again!

Donald suggested a family hike yesterday and I suggested Cowiche Canyon.
We haven't been there yet this year and its so pretty and so close.
We'll choose something different next time, but it was just right for the nice weather and perfect temps we had yesterday.

The hike starts out as usual - with Ivan and Jenelle taking off and the rest of us catching up...
Before we left the house, Hannah and I recalled a hike we took there last year.
You might remember it too because I blogged about it here...

We decided we would recreate her "dead face behind the rock" picture.
If you don't remember the picture, here is a reminder...
February 2011
Here's our reenactment...

But thankfully, this is how she really felt about being out on a hike with her family...
Hannah is approaching 13 years old and she is an amazing girl!
She looks back at the pictures from a year ago, when she had what we call the "dead face", with regret.
But I am so proud of her!
I tell her that it was just a part of her changing and growing and I'm so grateful that she is mature enough to recognize it...and move on from it!
That beautiful smile is quite the reward!

Along the way, Ivan found a unwrapped package of bubblegum on the ground.
He gave it to Jenelle who pleaded for us to let her eat it.
We told her it could be a trap and she would be taking a risk...
Well, she ate it anyway and while Donald and I walked on, she fell ill...
At least that's what the kids wanted us to believe.
On the way back they spotted ANOTHER piece of gum.
She ate that too and pretended to die again.
This time we all left her where she lay and walked on.
Not sure how long she would have carried on with it because a couple was walking her way and when she saw them, she got up and bolted after us!
Pretty funny!!!

A great way to spend a couple of hours getting out of the house...

Oh hey!
There I am!
I'm real and not just pretend!
Ha!  I'm deciding to try and get more pictures of myself on the blog!

Cave exploration happening here...

Lots of throwing rocks in the creek.
I'm not sure why that sound of the rock hitting the water is so satisfying, but it really is.

We'll be baaaaack!!


  1. That dead face makes me laugh, now! So true, Hannah. We all go through that period of transition... no regrets, just a life lesson!

    I love seeing the happy family enjoying the day together. What a bond you all have! I love it and I love you all!!!

  2. It's nice to see the whole family out enjoying a good time together. Cowiche canyon is a really neat place. Ya'll are so lucky to have such beautiful surroundings. Kids, enjoy summer vacation.