Saturday, April 7, 2012

Skiing in the Spring??

Well, it didn't feel or look like spring AT ALL...but technically, I guess it was.

We rented a condo for two nights during spring break and skied our hearts out for two days straight!
There is nothing as rewarding after a day of skiing as swimming in a hot pool, eating a warm meal and sitting down with a glass of wine.

Well deserved!

I only took my ipod on the slopes for photos this year, so the pictures aren't as crisp as I would like...but they captured our days nonetheless.

We are all ready to go back again!!

We headed up to the top can see the runs are still nicely groomed!  We were anxious to try out the new part of White Pass that opened last year.

Sadly, barely any sun for us this time.  Luckily, the temps were in the 30's, so we didn't freeze too much.
 Me and Hannah and our snowy skis!!

She looks so grown up!!
The new runs are up at the very top of the mountain and so when we weren't completely enclosed in clouds, we could see sooo much!

I just love Jenelle's ski style.  
She still uses the "pizza/french fry" method and very confidently makes her way down any slope...even having time for giving me a thumbs up!
 Gorgeous view and a bit of blue sky peeking through!
Me and SnowBunny Nell!

When we came in 2009, Ivan and Uncle Daniel took a wrong turn and ended up on a black diamond.  This was not a problem for Uncle Daniel, but it was certainly new for Ivan.
He had a yard sale on the way down (all skis flying off), but after a few tears and minutes to relax, he was pretty proud that he "skied" a black diamond.
This year he did it on purpose.
He and Donald took a trail down called Waterfall.
Trust me when I say that from the bottom it looks like no problem, but it's quite a different story from the top.
Ivan made it down, with Donald's instruction, safely both times and we were very proud of him.

Jenelle said it's her turn next year.

Hannah and I will watch happily from the bottom!  :)

When we plan our ski trips, I always get a bit anxious.
There's so much gear, so much responsibility, so much to handle.
But once we get into the mountains - once we get on the lifts and head up to the top - I am so happy.
I am so grateful that this amazing place is only 45 minutes from my home and I love the time spent with my family!!


  1. Temps in the 30s... Didn't freeze too much?.... I'm freezing just thinking about it!

  2. I know...believe me, it's all relative!! When you ski with temps in the teens, 30's are balmy!! :)