Thursday, April 26, 2012

Middle School Track

With spring comes track season.
Hannah enjoyed volleyball in the fall, and had planned on taking part in track as well.
They get to choose different events to participate in and she chose the 100m, 200m and 100m hurdles.
I missed her first meet, but was able to attend the next one.
She was nervous and I remember being nervous at my track meets in 7th grade.
Hannah was nervous about the racing, but I think I was more nervous about...well...this...
...the hair...the outfit (but I'll take those legs back please)...
Remind me to stop being so judgmental about the length of anyone's shorts anymore...
And by the way, those wings on my shirt did not help.

Anyhoo, what I love about her coaches is they encourage the kids to be concerned with their personal best...not what the other runners are doing.
This is important - especially for the first year runners!

The first event she ran was hurdles.
Kuddos to her because even though I'm posing next to one, I was never brave enough to jump over them!
Guess what?
She beat her personal best by two seconds (and the girl next to her, but that's not important right?  :))

Next was the 100m
I should have tried running with my eyes closed...

And finally, the 200m
 Where were all these cool bright shoes when I was a kid?
Yea Hannah! (you passed someone again...just saying...)
Just as with volleyball, I'm so proud of her for trying something new and being a part of new school activities/opportunities.
It's just the beginning!

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  1. I loved track and track meets. Yes, I remember feeling lots of nervous excitement before my events. But, oh, what fun!!!
    Go, Hannah! I can't wait to see what the season brings. Hurdles take guts!
    Michelle, I love the pictures. And I am certain you still have those legs... you're gorgeous, gurllll!