Sunday, April 8, 2012


Happy Easter!
The day has started out sunny and beautiful...perfect!!

Yesterday was egg dying time!
We tried a new PAAS kit this included cooking oil with the vinegar and water to create a marbling effect.
It was slick and messy as you might expect, but it did create some pretty cool eggs!

First we boiled 27 eggs!
6 each was just not enough, so now we have many many eggs in the fridge to eat!
I'm probably going to die from high cholesterol because in this house, the kids like the white and I eat the yoke!

The girls went first and created some pretty eggs!!
Even big kids like to dye eggs!!

Then Ivan took his turn and his eggs came out very manly...just as he wanted them too!

The Easter nests were laid (thanks Judy for letting my kids strip your Forsythia of it's gorgeous yellow blooms!  What?  You didn't know they did that?  I guess it's a good thing you don't read this blog!)  :)

On Easter morning, Ivan was up before us and waiting on the couch.
The girls slept in until 8am!
Surprises were waiting...

...and hunting commenced (with Sanchez's help)...
...with puffy sleepy faces...
 ...and bed heads!

And of course, 'you know who' had to see what all the action was about...

We hope your baskets are full of blessings!

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  1. What Nancy doesn't know won't her. GREAT looking eggs (and kids)!