Friday, April 27, 2012

Oh the Irony...

...or is it coincidence?
Never have been completely clear on that, but one or the other applies here today.

Track injury.
Yes, hurdles.
Remember yesterday's post?

Hannah fell while warming up on the hurdles at her track meet yesterday afternoon.
She could barely  move her arm at the elbow and this morning it was swollen!
We went in for an x-ray and thankfully there's no sign of any break.
Most likely she sprained a ligament at the elbow.
She'll wear a sling for a while and take ibuprofen when its necessary.
If its still painful in a week we'll check for a hairline fracture, but she should be good to go.
Crisis averted!

P.S.  The robin is STILL at it!!!!

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  1. Oh, Hannah! I hope your arm is better in no time. I'll be praying. Love you!