Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Robin or Dodo Bird?

He looks like one and acts like another!
And what the heck?
What is it with our house and birds anyway?
Last year Mohawk and now this crazy robin?

A robin started hitting our window yesterday.
I thought it was a random hit and he'd be done, but of course not!
This morning, he's STILL attacking...he's been at this now for one and a half days!
His routine basically consists of this...

Step 1: Fly to the window
 Step 2: Attack...something
 Step 3: Realize the futility of the mission
 Step 4: Return to base
 Step 5:  Prepare to Repeat...over and over and over and over...

So as I'm taking pictures, I notice he's got a buddy watching on in the tree.
On further investigation, I realize that this could be a female (apparently they look basically the same).  So, either it's his girl and he thinks he's defending her from, well, himself, or he's got a friend hanging out probably mocking him or egging him on!  ha!
I'm going with the mate theory, and I can certainly appreciate his chivalry, but seriously, now I know where the term "bird brain" comes from.

It's going to be interesting (and slightly annoying) to see how long this goes on.
I'm going to spare you any images of the absolute mess (think white and drippy - ewww!) he's leaving on our windows and the bbq pit cover.

And, as Donald asked this morning...


  1. You have THE BEST wildlife stories! Thanks for the laughs!

  2. You are welcome!! It's pretty crazy since we live in a very suburban area in a city!
    P.S. He's still at it!

  3. When we lived in Boston we had a robin who would show up each year and do the same thing... I googled to see what to do because I was certain he was going to kill himself. I ended up covering the window with paper (on the inside) and that seemed to help him not see his reflection. That white stuff was all over the window. He would take short breaks but he was ready to fight himself to the death... Sorry to say it lasted about a week or two...

  4. You're a better person than me Joanna...I want to Google ways to kill the robin! :) Not really - I'll be patient!!