Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Visit from Meema and First Communion

A lot has been going on this spring!
After Easter, we were lucky enough to have Meema with us for a visit.
Its always fun to take our visitors to places we love here in the Northwest, and this time was no exception.
We've had an enormous amount of snow in the mountain passes this year and I thought it would be fun to show my mom what a ski resort is like.
It was the last weekend of the ski season, so we took a drive up on the weekend so Meema could see the snow and the skiers.

We only stayed long enough to play around a little in the snow and then have some lunch in the chalet.
It was a gorgeous day and I only wish that she could have seen the kids ski.

That weekend was Jenelle's First Communion and the last one for our family.
Four years ago it was Hannah's turn.
(I am SO LOVING that expression on Jenelle's face!!)

I spent many hours making her dress and swearing I never wanted to touch tulle or raw silk again.  It was a labor of love and I was thankful that Jenelle was anxious to wear that dress instead of having her own.

Our spring was late, so there were no lilacs to take pictures in front of yet.
But the ladies still looked gorgeous!

We styled Jenelle's hair in the flip - so cute!!!

A few more pictures at church...starting with Jenelle devouring a donut!

It was a nice day - a wonderful week!
Thank you Meema for sharing it with us...and thanks Papa for sharing Meema!


  1. Hello, Meema! What a beautiful family! Jenelle, I think you are so, so pretty - the dress, the hair flip, your pretty smile - all perfect! Happy First Communion.

    Michelle, I LOVE your hair!

  2. So lovely - all of you and especially Jenelle!

  3. I love stopping by your posts! <3