Monday, May 16, 2011

Legoland Windsor

I've got to finish up our trip to England.
A lot has happened since then...
Life does move on - and quite quickly too, so I need to get moving!

Our last full day in the UK was spent at Legoland!
(yes...again with the hoodies...)

We were lucky enough to time our trip so that we were there on their 2011 opening day.
Everyone was looking forward to this trip, but words and pictures cannot express Ivan's joy!
At one point as the day began, he screamed at the top of his lungs, "This is the best day of my LIFE!!!!!"

It is a pretty cool place...over 46 million legos used to create all the amazing structures.  Here are some cool highlights...

Legoland Miniland is an awesome feature of the park.
This is an overview of Central London.

Buckingham Palace


Tower Bridge

There was one display about NASA.
Can you spot the unusual group of soldiers?

Ivan dreams of becoming a Lego designer one day.
We found his future office and some other fun creations as well...
Closest we came to meeting the queen!

And what would a park like this be without rides!?
There was the spinning spider ride.
All the individual compartments spin and there's a wheel inside that you can spin to make yours go faster.

Ivan and Donald made it their mission to spin the wheel just as fast as they could...

Its scary how much joy they are getting from making their fellow passengers feel like this...

The swinging pirate ship was another ride.
Fun and exciting - minus the vomit feeling!

And that concludes our day at Legoland!
We managed to fit in one more adventure the next day before we caught our flight back to the states...

And Happy Birthday to you Jenelle!

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