Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The End

As all good things do come to an we arrived at the last day of our trip to England.
I know I've said this before, but when we moved away several years ago, I realized that there was a chance I would never be back.
To get another chance to spend time in a place I love so much was more than wonderful.

The day of our flight back to the states allowed time in the morning to do a bit more sightseeing.
Since we were already in Windsor, it only made sense to visit Windsor Castle.

The view of this amazing castle (when DON'T I think a castle is amazing?) from Legoland.

Once you get into the town of Windsor, you realize this HUGE structure and its grounds are sitting right in the middle of it.

Life just carries on around the castle.

There are some things that will always amaze me...and seeing "in real life" the sorts of things you've grown up reading or hearing about are one of them!

For real?
The changing of the guard?
Happening right in front of me?
In those crazy hats?

This flag, called the Royal Standard, means the queen was home when we visited.

The State Rooms were unbelievable to see...all the treasures and original art that are housed there.
Unfortunately there were no cameras allowed.

After a mad dash to the airport and a tearful goodbye to Dad, we made it to our gate at Heathrow to relax for a few minutes before we headed home on a 9 hour plane ride (and what would be a harrowing drive over the pass once we landed).

It is always nice to get home, but I missed England before I even left the ground.

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