Saturday, May 21, 2011

Birthday Continued

Because of something else previously planned, Jenelle's teacher and I arranged for me to bring in birthday cupcakes on Tuesday...the day after her birthday.
Not a prob!
Let the celebration go on and on and on!

We decided to make an extra cool cupcake that I have seen on other blogs in the past!
While I was making them, I soon realized that if I added 6 colors to each cupcake two things would happen...
One, I'd run out of batter and two, I'd have giant overflowing cupcakes.
So, I decided to try and stick to three colors each.

Topped them with rainbow chip icing and of course...rainbow sprinkles!

Jenelle was a little embarrassed to have the entire classes attention.
At least she pretended to be anyway.

I wanted to take a couple of pictures of what the cupcakes looked like on the inside.
Jenelle would only hold hers so I could take a picture of it.

But other classmates were happy to pretend to be biting them!

Hi Colin!

Love this group of kids Jenelle's lucky enough to go to school with!
Happy Birthday again cutie!


  1. Rainbow cupcakes!!! Those are a great idea that I will have to file away for Rosie.

  2. Happy Birthday, Jenelle. You are so lucky to celebrate your birthday many times and to have a smart Mom to make it special for you. Granny and Grandpa love you.......