Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Birthday Girl

Before I write the last post about England, I want to wish Jenelle a proper Happy Birthday on the blog and show pictures of her fun day yesterday!

She was allowed to open one gift in the morning before school and it was a new watch.

Her little wrist is so tiny that she has it tightened to the last possible hole on the strap...and it still wiggles around a bit.

She's very good at telling time and when you ask her what time it is you'll get an exact answer...none of this "nearly 7:15" business.

This year, Jenelle told me she wanted to design her cake.
She drew out a picture with some instructions.
Ivan and I went shopping this weekend to find what we needed and Hannah decorated the cake.

I think Hannah was surprised at how difficult lettering can actually be.
We had a good laugh at "Harry Birthday"!

Hannah lights the cake (and burns a finger)...

Lots of birthday love...including a special birthday message from Dad!

And why stop the fun on your birthday?
Today I'll take cupcakes to her classroom to celebrate.
They are going to be cool rainbow cupcakes - if they turn out right!
Pictures will follow!

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