Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Missing Gold

Sounds mysterious huh?

It's the title of this year's play by the St. Joseph Drama Club.
The drama club is open to K through 5 only (middle school has their own drama classes) so Ivan and Jenelle had parts this year.

Last year it was Ivan and Hannah in The Tainted Twinkie!

This year Ivan played the role of Pete Kitchen.  A modest rancher who finds gold on his property that - you guessed it - goes missing!

The final act takes place in a saloon where you will find Jenelle acting as of 4 cute waitresses who serve sarsaparilla to their patrons.

Burping is encouraged in this saloon, hence the unusual expression here...

Very cute production and they are both looking forward to next year!

Do you want to see who used to wear the pink hat about six years ago?'s cowgirl Hannah!


  1. Oh, this is GREAT! Uncle Brian, Rosie and I would have really liked to have seen this production in person! Looks funny. Wonderful job, Ivan and Jenelle! You look like you were born to be stars! I LOVE how many extracurricular activities your fabulous school has to offer - you are such well rounded kiddos!
    I remember that pink hat & that swwweet little girl! She's bigger now but still swwweet and still has such a great sense of fashion...

  2. We saw and wish we could have seen the play. What fun and some of the looks on their faces. Ivan and Jenelle, you are so handsome & cute. Plays are fun - even Granny was in plays when she was a little girl. Can you believe that? Yes, when I saw the pink hat I thought of Hannah wearing and looking like a western doll. . . .