Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Cowiche Canyon

This is our local hiking trail.  There's plenty of places to go outside of Yakima, but Cowiche Canyon is nearby (a 10 minute drive) and our favorite spot to head to when we need to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.

We've seen the canyon in spring, summer, winter and fall.  There are times of the year it looks less barren...
(May 2009)

...but its always beautiful and a wonderful place to see firsthand the way the landscape of much of the Yakima Valley was formed.  By volcanoes!  All throughout the hike in Cowiche Canyon, you can see beautiful basalt columns!  They are amazing!

These guys are seasoned hikers on this trail, but they still like to pose for pictures.

I am learning to take pictures like a ninja these days...

...or I'll end up with this happy expression in all my pictures (see person behind big rock!)...

One thing I'll never get tired of seeing are those three figures on a trail in front of me...no matter how big they get...
 Ivan and Hannah on Cleeve Common, UK - March 2005

Jenelle and Ivan in the Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire - April 2005

In Sherwood Forest, Notthinghamshire - July 2005

Jenelle in the Yakima Canyon - April 2006

Oregon Coast - July 2007

Chinook Pass - September 2007

White Pass - December 2009

Cowiche Canyone - February 2011


  1. I want to hike this trail the next time I am visiting. I remember driving by it, hearing about how great it is. Looks like fun!

  2. It looks like your family is always leaving you behind. ;)

  3. The expression on someone's face reminds me of some of Donald at that age. Fun, Fun, Fun!!!

    Hope we can walk out there when we come in May. We enjoyed our first walk out there.

  4. Although I know it's typical behavior...it's still tough to handle sometimes! Fun, fun, fun is right!!