Friday, February 11, 2011

Mexico in January (in February)

Yes!  It's true that we went to Mexico in January!
Maybe you don't believe it because you've never seen proof!
Well, here it is...better late than never!  Get ready for a lengthy entry full of pictures!

To start our trip, we drove to Seattle the day before our flight so we could visit the Seattle Art Museum and see their Picasso exhibit.  Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to photograph any of Picasso's art, but here are a few from the night...

Now Mexico!
I'll start with some scenery shots...

This was our view from the condo and down the beach...

Just a few more shots of the gorgeous ocean.  This afternoon I couldn't get over the beautiful shine of the sun on the water.

We took a trip into the town of San Jose for some souvenir shopping and sightseeing and of course - eating!
One of my favorite things to see was all the beautiful Dios de los Muertos art everywhere.  The colors are amazing!  I took this particular picture of La Catrina for our art teacher at school.  In 4th grade, the students learn about the Mexican tradition and art of Day of the Dead and their teacher always dresses up as Catrina.

Love the colors...and the boy!

Mexican flag

The elusive family photograph!

Lunch at the Baja Brewing Company -
The kids LOVE it when they get their own table...

So do we...

In downtown San Jose (which means St. Joseph) we find...St. Joseph's Church

Of course there was plenty of time in the ocean...

(watch Ivan disappear)

...and in the sand.

Preparing to bury children alive!!!

(Colin as a muscular superhero)

Hannah working on creating a dribble castle village.

There was also time for relaxing and hanging out
(sometimes with delicious adult beverages...again!)

At the end of most vacations, I am usually feeling ready to get back home to our "regular" lives.  I guess that's a good thing.  This vacation was no exception, but it was hard to leave this beautiful place behind.  What a treat for our family - we are so grateful to our wonderful friends who's friendship provided us with the chance to come to a place so fantastic!
Bye San Jose!!


  1. Very nice, indeed. ...and a good time was had by all. And you are correct. The sparkle on the water, matched only by the sparkle in everyone's eyes, is beautiful.

  2. Lovely Place - so glad you were all able to have such a great vacation. The pictures were all great - especially those with all those beautiful people in them - Yes, I do want the family picture. I loved the church - simple and beautiful. I loved the beach pictures - such trusting children. Hannah, Ivan and Jenelle, you all look beautiful but you are growing up too fast for Granny.

  3. LOVE the family shot with the street continuing on. and the one of Ivan in the lawn chair. and if your little Hannah gets any more beautiful....Watch out, mama!

  4. First of all, Hannah, can I borrow your green Uggs? Those are fabulous!!!
    It looks like y'all had a great vacation, thawing out from the cold winter. I bet it felt so refreshing to have some sun on your skin. I second Spike's comment - what beautiful words! Gorgeous family, inside & out!
    Seeing Donald with the kids in the sand on the beach reminds me of a summer in Corpus Christi - the sand girls!