Thursday, February 17, 2011

He's Home!

Donald arrived home last night after a week in the UK on business.
He brought a load of goodies with him...mostly things that we enjoyed when we lived there.

The kids each got a bag of Teeth and Lips.
You heard me right.
Hannah remembered these.
I can't even imagine how the idea for them ever started.
The picture on the bag doesn't help at all.

Two of my favs!
Hovis biscuits and the Daily Mail paper.

Digestive biscuits are very popular in the UK.  They are a slightly sweet wheat biscuit (cookie to Americans) that absolutely crumbles apart in your mouth.  Definitely worth the purchase if you ever run across them.
While Hovis are my favorite, McVitie's is a nice second.
You can even get them covered in chocolate.

When I was in the hospital after giving birth to Jenelle, I was desperate for a Diet Coke and very hungry!
Those fantastic nurses from the NHS brought me a freezing cold Diet Coke and entire package of McVitie's biscuits, which I devoured completely.  
I know that doesn't sound like a very good start in life for a nursing baby...
But she turned out alright!


  1. I've always wondered why the biscuits are called "digestives." Do they actually aid digestion?

  2. Yummm - digestives! I forgot about the teeth and lips - that's just funny strange! What a nice husband/ papa!

  3. I remember very fondly our popcorn and merlot nights when I visited right after that sweet little pumpkin was born! She turned out absolutely perfect!

  4. I remember our visit to England and seeing the digestive cookies. England was fun. We had teeth and lips when I was young. I think we just used them to make funny faces. Thanks for the call, Donald.
    Ma & Pa