Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lavender Sachet Project

My friend will be hosting a bridal shower in April and has asked me to make 15 sets of my lavender sachets for her to give as gifts to the guests. We went to the fabric store together this week and she chose these gorgeous colors and patterns. The lavender has been ordered and the fabric has been it's sewin' time!

My sachets have been selling fairly well on Etsy lately, so I may have to go out and splurge on some more pretty fabrics! I usually sell them in sets of three with the fabric matching, but I like the idea of having three different, but coordinating patterns.

What do you think?

And you know who you faithful blog readers you.


  1. Oh, yes. I like that idea - different, but coordinating. Mine still smell so wonderful! The guests are going to LOVE them! Gosh, the fabrics are sooo beautiful, makes me wish I could sew...

  2. Thanks Joanna!! Now I'm just waiting for that ONE other comment! :)