Monday, March 15, 2010

First Planting

We need something on our front porch this year and I happened to find a pretty green glazed flower pot at TJMaxx last week. I started to buy purple pansies for it, but then ran across a sweet little candytuft at Walmart for only $5.50. I love candytuft! Simple white flowers that, if I don't kill the plant first, will increase greatly over the spring. They like to spread so it may end up hanging over the side of the planter. Even better!

It was sunny and nice out today, so I went ahead and planted it. Pounce helped - if you call that helping.


  1. Such a happy plant! Perfect for welcoming Spring! And what a grrreat helper!

  2. what a beautiful way to start the season! i, too, did some digging in the yard today.
    thank you for stopping by simply feather. i love to hear from people when something i've said or written resonates with them. and, isn't it wonderful when you share the same self-doubts with others?