Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Tasks?

Well, we really don't call them that anymore, but when I first got serious about the kids pulling their weight around the house, we all decided to call the jobs "happy tasks" instead of chores. A word that, if said like a true kid can say it, is sort of a onomatopoeia (of course I knew that word off the top of my head!)

They've been pretty consistent with their jobs...rotating each month so that it stays fair. That part has been an interesting learning experience. I get to see who likes what job better...or not at all. Now, keep in mind that they wish they didn't have to do anything. ever. again. But, since that's not going to happen, they do seem to have their preferences. Neither of the girls mind laundry sorting too much...and they do a pretty good job. Ivan, on the other hand, despises it. And, oh mercy, its reflected in the quality of the job. The girls don't care for the dishwasher unloading, but Ivan treats it as sort of a Lego building challenge with dishes stacked in unusual (nerve wracking) towers.

We thought we'd share some pictures of happy tasks in progress.

See how happy they are!?

See...she's really happy...

...and she's so happy!

I'd call this INSANELY happy!

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