Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Too Many Tulips???


I didn't think it was possible...and now I know for sure!
There is no such thing as too many tulips!

So as I promised, I'm going to post so many tulip photos that you may decide that YOU don't like them anymore...but probably not.

You've been warned!

We started our road trip on Sunday morning and took an obligatory selfie before we head off!

Once we arrived and figured out where we were going, we drove the "tulip route".
There were some stop and go moments as cars moved in and out of the different nurseries.
Jenelle is a perfect travel companion for me.
She's never in a rush...doesn't mind detours or asking for directions.
Just happy to be on an adventure!
She took this cool picture of a barn while we were at a stand still.
There were so many of these Dutch barns around.

We chose to stop and spend time at a place called Tulip Town in Mt. Vernon, Washington.
This is pretty much your first impression!

My camera fingers were going crazy!
Jenelle was patient as long, in her words, as she was taking the pictures or having her picture taken!
I did take a few of her!
The white tulips are her favorite!

The photographs that follow are the best of what I shot and I hope you enjoy them!
I'm currently working to close down my Etsy shop that sold lavender items and I've opened a new shop where I will sell my photography.
Many of these photos are listed and if you see one you really like, head over to my shop and let me know!!
Click here to see more!

We ended our visit to Tulip Town with a walk around the gift shop and a chocolate waffle cone for this gal who loves life...and chocolate!!
The next day we head out towards Whidbey Island to see a place called Deception Pass.
Stay tuned!

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