Sunday, April 19, 2015

Deception Pass State Park

Back to spring break...

After Jenelle and I spent the day looking at tulips, we took very short trip west to a place called Deception Pass State Park.
Deception Pass itself is a strait that separates two islands on the west coast of Washington.  It has a neat history.

We spent some time along the beaches in the area...

Then we went to the actual pass and bridge.
This view is looking eastward.
It was absolutely gorgeous!

They were doing work on the bridge, but we were still able to walk across from one island to the other...and then back again!

Beautiful but extremely deadly waters can see the fast tidal flow and whirlpool from above.
A local person told me that people come from all over the world to commit suicide by jumping off of this bridge.
She said it happens weekly.
So sad.

I love looking at landscape like this, especially here in the Pacific Northwest, and think about the times when the only people who were here were the Native Americans.
And this is what they would see with no bridges and cars and mass of humanity.

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