Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Week in Pictures: 6 April - 11 April

4/6 - Easter morning and you KNOW he's not going to be left out of the activities!  (More about the strange hat in another post)

4/7 - Spring break is over and its time to get organized and ready for the week.  Love how coffee tastes in the new mug Hannah brought me from Paris!

4/8 - I'm waiting for Hannah in my usual spot outside of Ike.  It's really strange to think that when school starts next fall, I won't be doing this anymore because she'll be driving.

4/8 - Ivan demanding breakfast!  Actually just a poser waiting for his waffles to pop out of the toaster!

4/9 - Lilacs from the backyard!  The smell is out of this world!!

4/10 - After Easter sale on eggs!  I prefer the ones on top!

4/11 - It's not officially spring until Donald has to fix something with our irrigation system.

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