Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ivan's Birthday - Second Part

After the afternoon of balloon nonsense, we had Ivan's birthday celebration with cake and presents!

We decided cupcakes in the shape of "12" and Hannah helped me pick out the frosting and decorations.
 Ivan blew with all his might (and you can see that Jenelle can't help but blow too), but...
He missed one!
Darn!  Maybe you'll get a wish at Thanksgiving with a wishbone!
 His gifts included funny cards!
(Another Birthday?  Redonkulous!)
 Dragon books!
 Milkshake cups (yes...a request)!
 A funny t-shirt!
And an alarm clock!
All the gifts have been put to good use!
 While Hannah was our photographer, Jenelle cozied up to her birthday big brother here...
and here...
 and here...
and here.
Is it love of Ivan - or love of the camera?

When I put this post together, I realized that I hadn't taken a picture of Ivan's special gift this I ran off to take one and I'm back!
Ivan LOVES dragons!
He read a series of stories by Chris D'Lacey and found out that the clay dragons made by a lady named Val Chivers were the inspiration for some of the characters in his stories.
We were able to contact her and she made one just for Ivan...even down to his requested red pencil and dragon drawing on the notepad!

The next and final post for Ivan's eternal birthday celebration will be his party with friends.
Coming soon!

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