Saturday, August 31, 2013

Ivan's Three Parts

Ivan was lucky...he kind of had a drawn out birthday celebration in July because he went to camp on his actual birthday, so we had our family celebration when he returned, then later we had a party with friends.

There's a lot of pictures, so I figured I'd get this done in more than one post so you won't have to spend an entire day getting through the photos.

So to start, in keeping with the decorated door/room tradition that I began a few years ago, we decided to bombard Ivan with balloons!

Hannah was kind enough to help me blow them up and when everyone was asleep, we moved them out of her room and set up his door and the hallway.
I knew that the balloons would be good fun, but I wasn't prepared for the ways they would be used...and dare I say...abused!!
(balloon art compliments of Hannah)
Okay...I'm sure that's enough to take in during one blog post, so we'll cover the family birthday party tomorrow!

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