Monday, August 26, 2013


I'm overwhelmed by the amount of blogging that I would like to do right now.
I haven't even done Ivan's birthday or other events from the summer, and now that we are back from Texas, I have so many more amazing pictures and memories I want to record.
I will get to it all in time.
The kids are heading off to school again next week and there will be more time...and obviously more blogging from that!

But I have kept thinking about this picture...
While we were in Austin, Hannah and I were looking through old photo albums.
I saw this and wow - just had to have it!
I don't remember the particular moment, but, 
I remember loving that red dress...felt like a princess when I was wearing it.
I remember that tree in Granny's backyard.  
I remember it bigger -it looks so small in this photo.
Of course it grew over the years, as did I...
The backyard brings back so many memories!

And look at my precious sister!!  
Look how she's backed up so close to me - her toes even slightly on top of mine!
Look at her little baby arms reaching back and holding her dress.
Look at her face!  Her curls!

And here we are about 40 years later...and she's still my precious sister.
I'm so thankful we were put together in the same family and even more grateful that we are the best of friends!
I love you Stephanie!


  1. What a magnificent set of girls they are. Who could know better than I?

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  3. Just had to add what my mom sent to me in an email about this was special and I want to remember it.

    "I just sat and stared at the photos, going back and forth from the one taken in Granny's yard to the one you must have taken in TX this summer. Can't explain the tears or the fascination - just have to sit and absorb my two girls as they were then and as they are now. Thank you for taking the time to give the rest of us joy in memories. Love you, Mom"