Friday, August 30, 2013

Hannah's Hair

By this time, most of my blog readers have seen Hannah's hair "in real life" or on facebook, but I wanted to make sure that I preserved this cool day.

Hannah had been thinking about a pixie cut for some time.
As high school approached, she decided that it was something she definitely wanted to do.

We found a great stylist in town who specialized in short hair cuts and were able to get an appointment with her.
They were excited too because they enjoy doing big makeovers.
The people at the salon and I both had our cameras out for the fun before and after pics!
The stylist, Kristeen, listened to what Hannah wanted, but also worked with her on something that would be best for her hair type and face, etc.
 Then the cutting began!
 Then the finishing touches!
And now
Hannah was really happy with the results as you can see by her beaming face!
And why wouldn't she be...she looks beautiful!
It was a fun fresh start for her freshman year in high school!

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