Monday, September 16, 2013

Texas Travels - Part 1

Seems like I can't get much taken care of in my blog lately without spreading it out over different posts.
Our trip to Texas already seems like such a long time ago already!
And the fact that I keep starting and stopping this particular post means that it actually WAS a long time ago!

It had been three years since we last visited and the kids and I were excited for our 2 week adventure!  Donald had a lot of work, and a possible federal jury duty assignment.
He didn't end up being called in, but was unable to make travel plans "just in case".

We started our morning very early with a shuttle ride to Seattle.
 Our first stop was Crosby to see Granny and Grandpa.
Granny took us to the Museum of Natural Science and IMAX in Houston.
We visited a Faberge exhibit that they were having.
I thought Faberge was all about eggs...but I guess it's about pickles too...
So many cool things to watch and see...
My favorites were the Gems and Minerals and the Paleontology exhibits.

Here's me and a giant sloth today.
 Here's me in prehistoric times if I actually saw a giant sloth.

After Crosby, we were heading to Conroe to see Meema and Papa.
On our way we stopped and visited with my dear friend Melissa...who I'd not seen in so long.
Too long!
It was a wonderful, emotional, special visit and we made promises to do it more often.
Time and love and life are too precious.

Next stop was Conroe and we finally got a chance to meet Cora Hodge "in real life"!
Cora is my cousin Ben and his wife Bridget's daughter.
An absolute doll!!
Sweet and beautiful and smart!
Just like our own children, she was born to two Aggie parents.
So...need I say more about her brilliance?
I'm so frustrated that Bridget and I didn't get our pictures together!!
After only meeting once years ago, we have become friends through our blogs.
And because we are both queens of the blog world, I know our infinite number of readers were probably waiting to see the two of us together.
So sorry to disappoint, but we won't make that mistake again!

As we said goodbye to Meema and Papa, I took a group picture.
Then went back and found this picture from our last visit.
Very cliche, but WOW, time flies! 
Pretty cool!

Except for us...we are timeless right!?

Next stop...
Home of the 12th Man!


  1. Adding Mom's email comment...

    "Sweet pictures and I have to say, Hannah definitely 'beautified' our group photo from this last visit. Time flies and leaves its marks, but the sweet memories are what really matter and those are forever imprinted on our hearts. Thanks again for being the faithful blogger. Your family and friends reap the rewards of what you enjoy and do so very well!! Love you, Mom"

  2. Poor Uncle Steve. Everyone is always stealing his spotlight and forcing him into the background. Our plethora of readers must be sobbing floods of tears onto their keyboards right now. Don't fret, readers. These "blog queens" shall reunite again!

  3. Love seeing all the fun you had! Love the pictures - everyone looks so happy to be spending time together. Little Cora is adorable and I know a funny little girl who would LOVE to play with her!!!

    Thank you for your blog - I truly enjoy seeing and hearing about what you are all up to. Love you all!