Monday, September 2, 2013

Ivan's Birthday - Final Part

So the last part of Ivan's birthday celebration(s) was a party that he wanted to have with some friends.
Our neighbors were so nice to let us use their pool for the afternoon while they were out of town, so he invited four friends and they had a swim/eat/nerf gun war party!

I had an awesome helper...
 ...make that two!
Of course he had to follow us over!

We started with swimming and some lunch snacks.  
Lots of crazy play!

My main helper kept herself busy!

After swimming, I took the boys to a local park where they were going to have a large scale nerf gun war.
So while I did this...
They did some of this...
But a whole lot more of this...
I think the park was too big and they were making strategy up as they went...and those bullets had to be picked up each time someone emptied their magazine!
That was the part that was no fun.

With time running out before moms came back to retrieve their kids, we headed home for some cake and gifts.
Ivan loved all his gifts and had a great time!
He's fortunate to have a neat group of friends (David, Jared, Patrick and Tanner)  - some he's known for years and some only for this summer, but they are all welcome back!

And so ends Ivan's 12th birthday celebrations!

Next I'll start the tale of our Texas Tour!

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  1. Happy Birthday, Ivan! Looks like you enjoyed celebrating your 12th year!