Thursday, July 19, 2012


I am going to blog about the kids (Hannah and Ivan) birthdays, but in the meantime, here's a bit of bounty from the garden!

It took 6 cups of basil leaves (packed tightly) to make two ice cube trays of pesto.
Just a simple recipe of 3 cups basil leaves, 1 cup olive oil, 6 garlic cloves, salt and pepper.
Blend it and freeze it.
The beauty of these wonderful basil plants is that as soon as you cut them back, they start growing again.
The goodness never stops!
You can pop three cubes in a small bowl -
nuke them for 30 seconds -
throw it on pasta -

The other treat is how cheaply I'm able to make this.
The cost of one basil plant is equal to what you'd pay for maybe three limp stalks at the grocery store.

My wish is that I'm able to harvest enough and freeze enough to last...
It goes pretty fast!

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  1. I'm enriched with this knowledge. I had no idea on earth you could make Pesto so easily...