Friday, July 13, 2012

Our Friendly Neighborhood Sous Chef

Hannah is quite the baker.
I was thinking today how I am amazed, and pleased, that we're at a point where she can bake cookies without any adult intervention.
(I always stay around in case intervention changes to "fire prevention"...or something along those lines)
But really...she can handle it.

Colin wanted to help this time around, and so he came over for a cookie baking session with Hannah.
He was an eager learner and Hannah was a willing teacher.
It was a pleasure to watch really.

But first things first...
I told Colin he needed to wear an apron.
With some hesitancy, he donned my "Purple Peepers" apron...and wore it well!

Hannah was great at getting things prepared and letting Colin help.
He measured ingredients...cracked eggs...mixed with beaters...

He even tried Hannah's somewhat unorthodox technique of mixing in the chocolate chips.
(all hands were washed!!)
Hannah says that this is because stirring it with a spoon/spatula is hard.
I think it's because you get to lick all the extra off your hands instead of just washing a spoon...hmm...

And after they baked them, they did the best part!
From the look of them, they are pleased with the results!
And yes...
the pair made a delicious batch of chocolate chip cookies!
Colin - you are welcome to be our sous chef anytime!!

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  1. I'm sure Hannah learned her baking, teaching, and empowering others skills from her mom. :)