Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July!!

I'll bet you're wondering what we ate this year?
Yea...I figured, so I took some pictures.
Anyone want to guess?

Did someone say bbq?

You got it!

Donald fixed ribs and bbq chicken.
The guy at the shop where I bought the ribs tried to sell me some rib sauce. thanks...we're good!

I added a fruit salad, black beans and corn on the cob.

But Jenelle's dessert is the real reason I needed to write a post about food!
Ta da!!
This is a homemade ice cream sandwich!
We made brownies from scratch (what the heck does that mean anyway??), and put softened mint chocolate chip ice cream in between them.
Wrapped it up and froze it until we were ready to eat.
We had to wait a while after we finished lunch as nobody had room at the time.

Now that we've finished the ice cream sandwiches, we've all sworn off eating for the rest of the day.
That's a lot of food!
But soooo good!

She was very proud of herself and was so excited to share it with everyone else.
How excited?
This excited!

So that's it really...for the 4th anyway.
Pretty laid back and that's just fine!

Our summer list is finished.
I've just forgotten to get it put on the blog.
This will be our third year to create one.
To see the past lists, go here and here.
There's a couple of odd things on there I know.
The kids always choose to put "Dollar Store" on the list...and we're always disappointed, but oh well.
Also, Ivan really wants to eat at I-Hop sometime, so its on there too - why not?

We'd better get busy!


  1. Jack always wanted to go to I-hop. We went once. I thought it was the same as when i was a kid... including the same sticky tables.

    He thought it was great. Us, not so much. We'll send him with you next time :-)

  2. And yes, that is pretty dang excited!!

  3. Oh my. As my tummy rumbles, I sure do miss texas bbq. Nothing even close in Canada.
    Blessings to you and yours~

  4. Haha Christina! I have a pretty good coupon that makes me feel a little better about spending money there!!

    Kimberly...I miss TX bbq too!! It's just not the same anywhere else...especially the farther north you go right!? That's why I'm so glad my husbands a Texan too...he's pretty good with the pit!!

  5. The food looks great! I must admit, I've been looking forward to the Baumbach Summer List! It is a preview of posts yet to come!