Thursday, January 19, 2012


Sometimes you do get what you wish for!!

That's an intersection there...really!!

Being a good neighbor...

Snow kitty!
He'll go through anything to be with us outside!

This snow was the epitome of powder!
Ivan and Jenelle both tried to build little snow forts, but they just wouldn't hold up.

Snowballs were nearly impossible to create...
...but fell easily from the branches!!

And just when the kids thought they were safe...this guy came out for a snow attack!

It's snowing again today.
I've run my errands.
I've got a pork roast in the crock pot and lots to keep me busy here at home...
Let it snow!!


  1. Warm wishes to you all! A very good neighbor indeed and an awesome dad, though that last picture makes me recall a frightening (yet FUN) big brother. I can't get enough of Pounce and apparently he can't get enough of y'all! Love those red noses and red cheeks - snow day = no school?

  2. School officially cancelled for tomorrow! It's been snowing all day and its beautiful!!!

  3. And here we are sweating, and the trees are budding out. It feels like spring here. Enjoy the holiday from school, kids.