Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Give Up...

I just can't post a picture and a blog entry a day.
I can't...and I really don't want to.
I'm just not into taking pictures of nothing.
Not when there's so much else to do and get done, etc.

Maybe another time in my life, but not now!
Oh well...12 days into the new year and I can already cross that resolution off!

I did make some time to play around with some old random pictures.
I messed around with this picture from 2005.
That didn't seem so long ago until I realized it's over 6 years!
I took this picture of Hannah holding some flowers at my mom's house.
I love the bright colors and the composition.

But I messed with it and I really like the results.
It reminds me of the 70's for some reason...the way the colors are faded...
And even though the flowers are faded as well, they seem to stand out more because the background is more muted.
Now what to do with it...


  1. I agree. Blog when you want. Hey, you tried the once a day but it doesn't work for you so do what works for you! This is still my favorite blog!!!

  2. Thank you! I feel I can let that go! :)

  3. I do not know how you keep up. We love the pictures and seeing what you are all doing. Love the skits, dance, snow, ponytail. All good fun.
    Love you all,