Monday, January 9, 2012

Portrait of Cuteness!

It's so darn chilly outside and there's no colors, so it's hard to find motivation for pictures out there.
How do you cure that?
Add a cute (and willing) model with lots of pink!

I'm always reminded that you have to take quite a few pictures to get the ones you are looking for...
Thank goodness for digital cameras!

Here are a few of the outtakes...
Silly model!!

There was bright sun out, but we were in the shade because I didn't want the look of direct sun.
I needed to get rid of that shadow under her cap.

These are the two that turned out the best.
I wish I could say that I purposely did this or that to rid her face of most of the shadows, but I didn't do anything "on purpose".
Looking at the angle of the picture today I can say that I think having me at a taller height...and her looking up at the camera...caused the brim of her hat to lift and so taking away the shade across her eyes.
Maybe that's it.
But one thing is for sure...
She sure is a portrait of cuteness!

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  1. Oh, I definitely agree! She is the cutest!!! A perfect combination of you and Don...