Friday, January 6, 2012

Daily Posting

I'm trying to post something daily.
Not because I have that much exciting going on in my life...
...because I don't.

But just because its the new year and I feel like making an obnoxious amount of resolutions that I will never see through.

No...not really that either, but that does happen each year.

I just want to try and take pictures daily - and record them somewhere.
I think I tried this sometime last year...
But this year I am MOTIVATED by my new camera.
Here's a cool blog I'm going to add to my reading list called Mostly Lisa.
I'm scared though that I might want to start to BE her after a while...

Hold your breath - here's my post!

THIS is all that was left of the nasty rotting bananas that I featured a few days ago.
I made some muffins in the morning (12 of them) and by 7:30am, only one remained!
Let's do the math shall we.
11 muffins divided by 5 people means 2.2 muffins each.
That .2 part was hard to figure out to make it all fair.

What I like the most about this picture is the "bokeh"
A new favorite word!
It's that beautiful soft blur that you get in the background of some pictures.

Here's another example of pretty Christmas light bokeh...
In this first shot, I underexposed the image...

And in the second, I overexposed it...

In both, the aperture was set at f5.6.
I zoomed in (67mm on the first picture and 100mm on the second) and set the angel fairly close to me while keeping the Christmas tree far off in the background.

Now off to read photography blogs get something productive done...

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  1. I have been trying to get to know my camera. It's definitely at the top of my list of "me" things to do. I love bokeh - that will be my new thing for today!

    Those must have been some muffins. And so nice of y'all to leave one for Rosie!