Monday, April 4, 2011

Where to Start?

How about was so wonderful!!

We just returned from a trip I wasn't sure I would ever take again.
A trip to England - a place I have grown to love as much as my own homeland.

It was 10 days long...but still not long enough.
We did so many things, but there are so many left to do!

I took 511 photos!
I've narrowed it down a bit, but just couldn't part with so many of them.
Instead of trying to fit a ton into one entry, I'll retell our adventure in many parts!

We flew out of Seattle at 7:35pm which put us into London the next day at noon.
If you've ever traveled overseas from the US,  you know that you need to stay awake as long as you can in order to start putting your body clock on track.
That was an easy task for us because we wanted to see some sights in Central London!

So we started with the tube.

Once on board, there was a little bit of unauthorized napping until we reached our destination...

We headed towards Buckingham Palace first...

The flag means the queen is home...but we were too tired and worn out to stop by and say hello - we'd try to catch up with her at the castle in Windsor!

Then we walked through St. James's Park which was in full bloom!

England was well into its springtime weather...much warmer than here at home.  
One thing I remember when living there...when the weather is the least bit warm, people are out.

A gorgeous park with a view of the Big Ben and the top of Westminster Abbey.

Still heading towards the Thames, we passed No. 10 Downing Street.  
This is where the home and office of the Prime Minister is located.
It was on my lists of places to see because I'd never seen it before.  
In movies and tv programs, it appears that people just walk right up to the door when they have official business.  So the gates were a bit of a surprise.
Of course that does make sense doesn't it?  You can't walk up to the White House and knock on the front door, and this is no different.

Awesome streets of London...

More of London tomorrow!


  1. I can't wait to hear and see all about it!!! I've been thinking of y'all, waiting patiently for your blog to update - you are so fast! London looks fabulous! Mind the Gap! The Queen! The people in the beautiful park! I'm so happy y'all were able to get back there and explore!!!

  2. Looks like a great trip, Michelle. You take so many great pictures!