Saturday, April 16, 2011


Driving in the of my favorite things!
Driving on the "other side" of the road (not the "wrong side" - I was once corrected!)

I thought it would look odd, after all the years away, to see traffic flowing in the opposite direction.  But it just looked so familiar...and the road signs as well.

Clearly, in this picture taken on the motorway, Donald is driving.

But I couldn't wait to get my chance and see if it all came back!
And it did!

Maybe I like driving so much because when we lived here, Donald and I spent a lot of time and a great deal of money getting our proper UK driver's licenses...with this guy as our instructor!

There are different techniques used in the UK for driving and we had to break about 20 years of "bad habits" in order to pass.
Having done so successfully - its nice to put the license to use!

Or, maybe I like driving so much because its quite a challenge.

This is a typical street in Cheltenham.
You can see its a two lane road, with plenty of room for cars to drive down...
...if everyone didn't park their cars in the streets.
But they do, and so its an obstacle coarse of sorts - knowing when to move off to the side to let other drivers by or when to take your own turn and get on down the road!

THIS is also a two lane road!
Yes...two lane.
Its outside of town and was certainly originally intended for two way horse traffic...or walkers...or cyclists...certainly not motor vehicles!
Yet...if you take a close look, the speed limit is 50 mph on this road.  And some roads like this allow you to travel up to 70 mph!

No kidding - two lane with hedge rows!
You might have to back up a long way to find a spot to allow another car to pass.

But the drive is certainly worth it when a pub dinner at the Black Horse Inn in Cranham is your destination!


  1. I remember the hedgerows and the Black Horse - Donald and Hannah and Ivan and I ate lunch there. That was not a comfortable road to be on... but the lunch was well worth it!

  2. Wow, thank you for sharing these photos. I almost feel as though I am there.