Friday, April 8, 2011

Kenilworth Castle

On our way "home" to Cheltenham from Center Parcs, we had time to stop at Kenilworth Castle.
I have always loved this castle because it is a ruin.
Kids are allowed to climb and touch and run all over the place.
I also love looking at what is left and imagining what was.

I learned more about Kenilworth Castle this visit than the previous 4-5 times we visited.
If you are interested at all, just read this and find out how it began, what it was and how it ultimately fell to ruin.

 From a distance

In and around the castle

View of the surrounding countryside

Interesting statues we found inside the castle - they were preserved quite well...

As long as the castle has been a ruin, people have been coming to see it.
Dates inscribed on the soft stone were a testament to their visits.

The great hall can still be made out if you imagine where the floor used to be beneath the fireplace.
To put the size into perspective, take a look at the people to the far left of the photograph.

A closer view of the very large fireplace.

And of course there's the climbing and exploring bit I mentioned.

King Ivan...the wonderful!

Now on to Cheltenham...

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  1. Enchanting! I like to imagine what life was like in that time. It's very cool that the kids can climb and explore to their heart's content! We love the statues, the prisoners, and the King!