Thursday, April 7, 2011

Center Parcs Part 2

Yes...there's still more!

Sadly, there are no pictures of us in the other really cool activity we did because all five of us participated at one time.

We signed up for a game of laser combat - much to Ivan and Donald's delight!
Little did us girls know how much fun we would have!

Here's a Center Parc photo to get an idea...although our helmets were red for one team and blue for another.

Center Parcs describes the game as " a paintball adventure without the paint".
It was all out warfare in about an acre of forest with different barricades to hide behind.

Each person was randomly assigned a name for the games...we thought they were pretty funny!

Me - Radar
Hannah - Bones
Ivan - Viper
Donald - Pappy
Jenelle - Lumpy

We played a series of different challenges that lasted about 1 1/4 hours.
It was fantastic fun!
A bit scary how "into it" you can get when you are holding a weapon and trying to be the last team standing.
I so wish I had a picture of Jenelle - I mean Lumpy - attempting to take out the other team members with her bright pink hoodie on, struggling to hold on to that big gun!

Aside from organzied activities and swimming, we did just hang out at our cabin some of the time.
We welcomed a party of ducks.

And attempted a "duck dance" to bring them back when they left.
Don't ask cause I'm not sure why.

After we swam, we would usually head upstairs to an arcade that they had.
Donald and Jenelle busted out some dance moves!

Ivan and Hannah did some Mario Kart racing!

And I was in heaven playing my favorite arcade game!!

And so ends the tale of our Center Parcs adventure!
Next we head towards Cheltenham with a stop at a favorite castle on the way!

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