Friday, March 11, 2011

White Pass Winter Carnival

Every year our local ski resort has a winter carnival.

Not sure why we haven't gone before, but with not much going on locally, and a great need to get out of the house, I decided to take the kids this year.
The roads were bare and dry and we headed out after 3pm so as to get there when the day skiers were heading home.
Without Donald along, I chose not to bring skis, but once we got there of course, we wished we had them for some night skiing.

Even without skis we had a fun time.
They build an amazing snow castle each year that kids can walk through, climb on and slide down.
They did all of that.

They had cool (and odd) snow sculptures to see too.

It was a good evening.
It ended with fireworks but my hands were way too cold outside of my gloves to keep taking pictures, so you'll have to imagine it.

Once the fireworks were over, we made a mad dash to the car in order to stay ahead of the crowd...had an uneventful (safe!) drive home in the dark...and started making plans to return...with skis!!


  1. I was there one Spring Break (you were home with a sick Hannah) and I remember the castle was still standing! I have a picture of Donald throwing a snowball at me from the top of it! He was so sick that afternoon, poor guy... my nice brother slept in the truck while I kept skiing! I always enjoyed those Spring trips up there.

  2. Brrr! It's in the mid 70s here - how do you do it? Looks like fun, though!

  3. Looks like great fun for a day. Also looks very cold! Happy you all got away to go and enjoy. We enjoyed our visitor and he is now on the way home.