Monday, March 14, 2011

Score at Walgreens!

Although I'm still saving lots of money on groceries these days, its been a while since I've had one of those shopping trips that makes me want to brag!

But my trip to Walgreens yesterday was one of those trips!!

Here's my loot!

I got all of that for a total of $16.48!
Actually, you could say $12.48 because I got $4.00 in Register Rewards to use on my next shopping trip.
The really cool part is that I saved $35.46!!
Cha Ching!


  1. WHAT?! You can't just post this without sharing your secrets. Shoplifting? Fake employee discounts? Do tell!

  2. No thieving involved!!
    Next time I'll list how I did it step by step. Its just a combo of sales, manufacturer coupons and store coupons! The first year I started using coupons and working to save money, I saved $2500 off our annual grocery bill!!

  3. I have a friend who also does this. She can walk out of Kroger with a huge cart of groceries for $20!!! She teaches a class at a church in The Woodlands on how to do it... I would love to know how - I have my coupon filing box ready!

  4. I also love the coupons. Love saving money and getting bargains. Fun, Fun, Fun.