Saturday, November 27, 2010

Christmas Shopping on Etsy

Besides my awesome shop (feel free to click on the link to go there!), I always run across amazing sellers on Etsy!

As Christmas is approaching, I thought I'd highlight some of my favorites.

This first shop is called Stacey Winters - Photography and Other Fanciful Things.  Its all so gorgeous - particularly her Christmas items.  Here are just a few...

These are probably my favorite items...these beautiful acorns with glittered caps!

Christmas stationary...

Glittered garland made with pages from books...

and her photography of vintage deer that she turns into prints or cards.  I love these because they remind me so much of decorations that my Grandma would put out for Christmas.

Taking a look will definitely get you in the mood for the holidays!


  1. We aren't decorating this year since Baby is due on the 22nd, but this definitely is a treat to view! Maybe I could put a few things out...

  2. By the way, your shop is filled with much awesomeness! You've been busy!

  3. Michelle, I love it all. I have always been fond of deer for Christmas and have quite a few. We did not get anything down from the attic this year. I had a few things that did not get put up last year and found a few things at our resale shop. I got a 3 ft. tree with red and green pepper lights for $3 and found a little wooden sign with wire to hang it by and put it at the top and then found a nativity set for 25 cents. It is so simple but I find it very peaceful. Love it. Mom