Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Halloween Pictures

Better late than never!

We had a school carnival on Friday night, but the real candy grab came on Sunday when the kids went trick or treating in our neighborhood.
They scored!
Let's just say that out of 5 kids, only 1 wanted to keep on going.
Can anyone guess who that was?
Let's just say that Death likes his sugar!

Here's our Trick or Treat group ready to go!

These kids aren't messing around -
You'd better be ready when they come to your door!
Do you notice our cat in both pictures?
He manages to find his way into so many pictures.
And he likes to act like he doesn't care that he's there...always looking away.

Vampire ladies!

Blurry, but my favorite picture as we are obviously happy vampire ladies!

Awesome makeup provided by Dad!
Death isn't sad - he's focused.
It's serious business this killing.

And most creative costume goes to....

Our favorite pirate - Colin!

And finally - Cleopatra!
I absolutely loved this costume...especially because when we originally talked about Halloween, she was thinking about going as Obama.
Well, we never looked for found any Obama masks. so later, when we were at Target she saw this costume and liked it.
We added a wig and makeup to complete it.
I thought she looked really nice...then I saw this picture...

Who IS this?
Is this my ELEVEN year old daughter?

Notes to self:
1.  Hide makeup
2.  Buy Obama mask

Happy Belated Halloween!


  1. I guessed correctly who wanted to keep going - I can "hear" him now - such enthusiasm!
    I think the costumes (complete with make-up) are magnificent! I love Jack's sweet smile - what a great kid. I giggled at the focus of Death and his scary little sister - awesome make-up. That's some beard, Colin! And Hannah, you are gorgeous! (You have a Katy Perry thing going on) I'll check my stores for that mask...
    It looks like y'all had lots of fun!

  2. I loved Jack's smile too! I told his mom that she needed to see that picture because of his expression!
    And you are on the money with Katie Perry. I didn't see it at first (maybe just didn't want to), but both Donald and Renee mentioned her. I just don't want her to be anyone's Teenage Dream! Yikes!

  3. That little Cleo is WAY too cute. Definitely hide the make up! :-D

  4. Thinking of last year and all the fun we had! All of you are great! Enjoy yourself! Make-up great! Love the dark hair, Hannah.

    Love the snow pictures,