Thursday, December 16, 2010

Snowy Saturday

Last weekend, on Saturday, it started to snow...
and snow...
and snow...

I took some pictures around 4pm when the last of the light was fading and the kids were playing.

The next day it warmed up and so much of the snow melted.
Now its cold again and the snow that's left is hard ice.
More snow expected again soon - we're hoping for a white Christmas!


  1. The snow is so beautiful. I've lived in the South for half my life and I get nostalgic for a snowfall every now and then. But I have never missed trying to stuff a toddler into a snowsuit!

    Best wishes for a white Christmas!

  2. What a beautiful and fun post! I bet it is nice to have that on a Saturday, and not on a weekday. I used to love hunkering down on a day like that! Christmas is on a Saturday - here's hoping it's white! and a new niece or nephew is here!!!

  3. So much snow to enjoy - brings back memories to me - this year we had Rose to brighten our Christmas and a green suited Santa for Daniel. Love, Granny