Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another new design

I just finished an order for 75 of these pretty bridal shower invitations and loved the colors and design so much that I decided to create a mock card to add to my shop! Crossing my fingers that others will like it too.


  1. I read this entry the other day and was of good cheer about you having an order of that size. It was only today when I sat down for the first time in quite a while with my friend Tina Inman that I learned the "rest of the story". We were discussing something entirely apart from bridal showers when she suddenly said, "Oh, I ordered more stuff from your daughter - she does such great work." Then, I remembered this post and asked. She said, "We got 75 bridal shower invitations for yadda yadda yadda" Comments made by her included that your work was even more stunning in reality that in the excellent photographs sent for approval and that your attention to detail was incredible.

    You go, daughter girl...


  2. Awww...I just read this sweet comment! Thanks Spopper!