Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Can't decide

I love the dandelion in the girls room so much, that I have been thinking about other places to put a cool decal!

The laundry room has a perfect space and I've found some cool sayings, but can't decide which one!

Now, all you blog followers out there - don't bombard me all at once and make my computer crash, but I would like your opinions!

From Inspire Your Walls...

From It's Written on the Wall...

Or Leen The Graphics Queen - where I got the dandelion decal.


  1. Hi, rascal! I am most fond, first off, of your lovely and subtle use of the Crosby Stills Nash and Young words to describe your house. Do you have two cats in the yard?

    I prefer, among the three choices, the first, "It all comes out in the wash" I find the "Laundry, the never ending story" to be most unattractive.

    Your blog is very nice. Thanks for the bump to view it.

    "I'll light the fire
    And you place the flowers in the jar
    That you bought today"

    PaPaw "not one to hold back an opinion" Parker

  2. No, but I have three kids in a yard!

    Your choice is also my first choice!

  3. Hmmm... I like the "It all comes out in the wash" one the most! I may have to steal more of your ideas for our new casa!

    By the way, Spike, you make me smile!

  4. Joanna, your smile made me smile. We are getting along just like circus people. Yay! If I recall, Michelle had a "feather duster" painted room when she was but a mere shy child. Get her to tell you about it if you aren't already aware.