Saturday, July 5, 2014

11th Birthday Party!

Jenelle just keeps getting older!!
This one LOVES her birthday!
She started it off right with a rainbow sprinkle donut for breakfast!

After school and dinner, the fun part starts...
Cupcakes and gifts!
I made an attempt at cupcakes baked in an ice-cream cone, but they turned out terrible, so we just made pretty cupcakes instead!
 And one just for Dad who didn't want frosting.
Showered and ready for the party!
On another night she had her friend Chloe over for a birthday sleepover.
This night was just family.
 She was pretty excited about the present opening part, but really, who isn't?
This is probably the strangest gift I've ever given anyone.
It was a request that Jenelle had.
She loves to braid and fix hair, so she asked for a mannequin head.
This one is actually named Emma and she has real human hair.
She sits on a shelf in Jenelle's bedroom closet...
We make sure to have it shut each night before lights out.
You don't want to wake up to Emma staring at you in the night!

Happy Birthday happy (crazy) girl!

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  1. I've grown accustomed to Jenelle's crazy expressions, but a head with real human hair.... :)