Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Seattle Summer Day Trip

A week ago the girls and I took a trip to Seattle for an afternoon of doing whatever we wanted.
I've said plenty of times that I think its so cool we have this beautiful city only 2 hours away!
We need to do this more often as there is always something new to do!

And we had a lot of fun and took tons of pictures!
Hannah took many of the pictures and Jenelle added some too so you'll have to watch for photo creds!

Our drive from Yakima to Seattle.
photo by Hannah
 A stop in North Bend for a coffee!
Riding the Seattle Great Wheel
 photo by Hannah
 photo by Hannah
 photo by Hannah
 photo by Hannah
photo by Hannah

Did we have a perfectly gorgeous day or what??

After the wheel we messed around in a few tourist attraction areas...waste of money type places, but interesting to check out.
And yes...even a scary mummy from South America in Ye Olde Curiosity Shop.
We just couldn't figure out how a place like this got an actual mummy.
Shouldn't this be in a proper museum somewhere?
photo by Hannah
Jenelle and I wanted to show Hannah the gum wall since she wasn't with us when we saw it over spring break.
Still disgusting...but you can't look away!
photo by Hannah
 photo by Hannah
photo by Hannah

Then a walk through Pikes Market, lunch at The Pike Brewing Company (with lemonades and iced teas...no brews this time!) and a walk past the original Starbucks.
photo by Hannah
Could they have really imagined in 1971 what their company would be like today?
Amazing success story!
We walked our butts off to the Seattle REI.
Hannah took some cool architectural pictures along the way...
And somewhere along our walk, this kid took a cute selfie!!
photo by Jenelle
At REI, we were unsuccessful in finding what we were looking for, so we walked back down to the waterfront.
Hot and sweaty by that time - we needed some ice cream!

Then it was time to head back!
We stopped at World Market in Bellevue and then I hit the road to Yakima with these two lovelies!
A perfect day!

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  1. Hannah has quite the eye for photography. Blog followers everywhere are rejoicing your return to the Internet. Welcome back!