Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Summer Randomness

Some days are busy...and some days aren't!
I suppose that's the way it always goes in the summer.
The kids probably like the slower days better, but I'd rather have more going on.
Hannah has finished with her week of camp, and Ivan will go next week.
Jenelle spends a lot of her time with two friends next door.
We have some more things planned...some we'll get to and some we won't!

We got to our summer list a bit later this time...but here it is!
We've done a few things so far...

Our two little blueberry bushes produced a small, but delicious crop!
Donald convenced Jenelle to try one and she actually likes them!
Work continues on a desk I bought for Hannah's room a LONG time ago!
Note to self...NEVER buy second hand furniture that has been painted black! Never!

And I am adding a few pretty things to my Etsy shop.
I had them for sale in a consignment shop in the Seattle area, but they weren't doing well, so I decided to have them back.
I'd rather stock my Etsy shop than have them laying around being handled by everyone, but not purchased by anyone.

They are the usual lavender sachet sets...
 Plus some more lavender drawer liners!
This is just a small selection...there's loads more so feel free to visit my shop!
Just click here!


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