Friday, July 19, 2013

Boulder Cave Outing

Been there.
Done that.
Doing it again.

It starts with the obligatory chipmunk that always seems to greet you at the start of the path.
"I'm so adorable!  Maybe you'll see more of my kind, so keep on going!"

This time, when we got up near the cave, we went a little further over big rocks and fallen trees to see a secret waterfall!
It's probably not that secret since there were other people looking at it, but I'd never seen it before.
Ivan led the way.
 Found it!

So pretty!
And cold!
Ivan's actually stood under the waterfall during a challenge with his karate class last year.
Graffiti - even in this beautiful place.
(but at least its kinda cute)
It was a really hot day and going into the cave felt wonderful!
We walked it twice, had lunch and headed home.
Made it just in time as a school bus full of kids had pulled up when we were finishing.
See ya later cave!


  1. That looks amazing! We will just have to vacation up there for our girls to experience such wonders!

  2. This post makes me laugh. And just how hot is "really hot?"

  3. Haha! True Bridget...but this time we mean business! We've been dealing with triple digit temps! Texas will be a cool getaway for us I'm hoping! :)